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Abrasive Paper

Introducing TEXpaper: The Ultimate Abrasive Paper Solution

TECHNICAL CONVERTING PAPER S.A. is proud to present our line of abrasive papers under the distinguished brand name TEXpaper, a testament to our innovation in the specialty paper market. These abrasive papers are crafted with precision and care to serve a broad spectrum of needs, primarily within the agricultural sector, while also catering to specialized demands in the industrial realm.

Crafted for Versatility and Performance

TEXpaper abrasive papers are designed with functionality and adaptability at their core. Their primary application in the agricultural sector for processing and handling, along with tailored uses in industrial settings, showcases their versatility. Available in an expansive range of dimensions, our abrasive papers can be customized in lengths and widths from 50 mm up to 1000 m, accommodating various project scales and requirements.

Tailored to Specific Needs

Understanding the diverse applications of our clients, TEXpaper abrasive papers are offered in a variety of specifications:

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  • Weight Range

    Available from lightweight 18 gsm to heavy-duty 250 gsm, ensuring the right balance of flexibility and strength for your application.

  • Cutting Style

    Choose between straight or corrugated cuts to suit the specific needs of your task, whether it requires precision or adaptability.

  • Surface Texture

    Options of smooth or goffered finishes allow for customization based on the tactile properties required for the application.

  • Special Papers for Fruits

    Specifically engineered to meet the delicate needs of fruit processing and packaging.

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